Monday, November 22, 2010

Dresser to Desk Transformation-Part 1

We know you were wondering what happened to us.  It's been a little while since our last post.
Well let us tell you what we've been up to!
First off, we had a very successful show at a friends home.  She had a number of different vendors located in different rooms about her home and ladies where invited to come and do some shopping.  It was a great idea and worked out very well.
We were set up in the sun room.  Perfect!

Our key fobs were a hit.  We only had a handful left after the show!

We're excited about our third and final holiday show coming up in a couple of weeks!

After Gina's post on the fabulous furniture refresh, I was excited to see what I could freshen up around here.  Well my sister in law provided a dresser.  We don't necessarily need another dresser.  I DO however need a new sewing desk as mine is way too small.
SO my fabulous husband did the grunt work in transforming the dresser into a desk!

Old dresser
It's a tad high.  Only 2 inches higher than my current desk, so hopefully it will work ;)
I asked him to add a shelf for baskets...
We're also going to paint and put a shelf in two of the leftover drawers to make them big wall shelves for my fabrics.  Yay!
I went to Menards to get all of the stuff to paint it and distress it, and the SAME lady that helped Gina was there and provided me with all the items that I needed along with excellent instruction.  Her name is Gaye (should you ever be at the Menards on Rand).  She works in the paint section and used to distress furniture as well as run her own shop.
Now don't freak out when you see it the pic below.  It's green.  Really, really green.  I will put pics of the distressed desk up in "part two".  It completely changes the way it looks.  For the better ;)

 The dresser is not done yet (obviously), so this is "part 1" of 2 or maybe 3.  Along with the dresser, we're going to be "refreshing" the sewing room.  Painting it, putting up shelving, organizing etc.  I can't wait!

On a final note, while at Menards this week to find hardware for the desk drawers, I found these on sale for less than $5!

They're called "glittens" and I've been wanting a pair for a while.  They're not the most feminine things you've ever seen, but they are lined with fleece and will come in super handy.  Glove to mitten transformation in seconds.  Hey, I'm easily amused.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving.  Can you?
With LOVE<3

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