Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fabulous Furniture Refresh

Do you ever get bored with your current home style? I had a brown and spa blue theme in my living room for quite a while and just recently decided it was time for a change. So, I've been doing a few things to change my living room up a little. Beautiful new curtains (thanks Mom!), rearranged furniture (thanks Mom!) and some turquoise paint and antiquing on my coffee and end tables. Of course, I forgot to take a before picture of the room so that I could show you an after picture when it was finished. But once these tables are finished and back in the room, I'll try to get some pictures and see if I can show you a little bit of the finished room. 

But today I wanted to show you how I did an faux antique finish on my tables. It was fairly easy and so much fun! Of course, I didn't take a real before picture (AGAIN!) so if you look past the super cute baby in this picture, you'll see kind of what the table looked like before I started the antiquing. (And you can catch a sneak peak of my new fabric with my pillow on the floor. Yes, my pillows are usually on the floor, why do you ask?) This table was my mom's at one point and I think she had painted it red. I primed it and painted it turquoise to get the base color I wanted. The color I used is called Montego Bay but I'm not sure what brand it was originally. I just picked a color off the shelf and then had the guys at Menards color match it using whatever their cheapest paint was. I would recommend going with something a little stronger than what you think you want for color because the antiquing does change the color and make it a little less vibrant. 

Aw...look how cute! She's got pigtails! And baby leg warmers! 

Anyways, back to the table. You're going to need gel stain and mineral spirits, a paintbrush and a lint free cloth (aka: an old t-shirt) to wipe the excess stain from the table. There was actually a lady working at Menards who said she used to have a refinished furniture shop and she told me how to do this. She said these were the best products for the job. The gel is Minwax brand and the color is Aged Oak 602. I'm sure you could use any kind of mineral spirits but that particular brand is Sunnyside. 

I used two small containers, one for the stain and one for the mineral spirits. That seems kind of obvious but I just thought I'd over explain. You're welcome. Then you kind of just make it up as you go. I dipped my brush in a little mineral spirits and then a little of the stain until it seemed fairly thin on the brush. Painted it on the table and then used my cloth to wipe some off until it was the look I was going for. If you're going to do this project yourself, make sure you do it in small sections. I just found it was easier to get the look I was going for if I didn't try to do too much at once. The best part is, you really can't mess it up. If you don't like what it looks like, you can just put more mineral spirits on it and wipe it off. 

 The stain will settle into the cracks and crevices of the table and make the details really stand out. 

Now I'm just waiting a few days for it to really dry and then I'll put a coat of polyurethane on it. Hopefully that will protect it from all the cars and trucks that love to race across this table. It's the perfect racing table. 

You may not be able to tell from the picture but it looks really great in person. I'm really happy with how both tables turned out! If you have a piece of furniture that could just use a little updating, I'd totally recommend doing this. It is really easy and adds a lot of character to painted furniture. Let me know if you have any questions and go have fun painting! 


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