Tuesday, August 3, 2010

They Like Us, They REALLY Like Us (We Hope)!!!

Hi Friends,
As many of you know, we had a great experience at a lovely boutique last week. They bought 40 flowers on the spot and placed an order for TEN DOZEN more items (onesies, key fobs, rings and more flowerettes). We're going to be busy!
In celebration, we are doing a giveaway. Hold your breath, wait for it, wait for it...
A re-purposed bag with three lovely, large sweet flower pins attached.
The bag is super cute and is a great size. If you live far away, we will ship it.
Here's the deal... You will be entered if:
*you "like" us on facebook
*you follow our blog
*you "share" our fb page or blog to your other friends on facebook

Each of these will give you an entry so that you can potentially have three in the drawing.
The drawing will take place when we reach 120 friends on our Sweet Floweret page on facebook, or 120 followers on our blog (to celebrate the 120 items that were ordered at the boutique-we are OH SO clever, aren't we?).
We are going to be bugging you until we hit our goal, so please like us sooner than later. Even if you don't like us, please like us. Guys, you can like us too. We know it's not in a weird way. We won't think you're girly. Just sensitive.

Cute bag. Who's massive bulging bicep is that? She must work out.
Hey Gina, you can't enter or have the bag, so stop asking.

Thanks for playing all!


  1. I "like" you, following you and sending friends your way! I LOVE that bag!!! :)

  2. We need to change the "like" button to "love"!

  3. I'm technilogically back in the 30's so I'm not really sure how to do any of those three options. I don't really need a purse, but I would love to help your company! You all are SO creative and clearly have been blessed with a gift! Email me with how to spread the word! I will be getting a couple of the ponytail holders for Hannah soon and I know my 3 year old son will want one just like his sis. Maybe your next product should be a man-flower. ;)

  4. Liked you on facebook and following your blog! :)

    Congrats on your success so far... your work is just adorable!! :)


  5. Did all that I could on facebook and your blog. That bag is beyond adorable! If I can't win it, can I buy something like it? Your work is great!



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