Sunday, August 22, 2010

If I ever see another onesie again...

Most of you know through our Facebook posts that we had a rather large order of products placed late last month. A few weeks later, our order is complete and we're ready to get them to the shop this week.  A lot of people we've spoken to recently in passing have asked us to post some pics of the stuff that we're dropping off at the boutique.  Your wish is our command.  

Here is the list of what was ordered with corresponding pictures for you to gander at:

3 dozen key fobs

4 polka dot hair flowers

4 lace hair flowers

2 dozen (cursed) onesies

1 dozen sets of hair button barrettes

1 dozen sets of hair buttons pony tailers (not shown)

2 dozen rings

Lotsa stuff!

So, yea, we've been busy but it's been a lot of fun making things that we know are being purchased.  Did I mention how much I loved working on the onesies?
Our purchase a product page has been lacking since we've been so super busy with this order.

Anything that you see and would like can be made custom for you.  Just shoot us an email and let us know what we can do for you (just not onesies.  Kidding.)! 


  1. I love the pics. Lots of cute stuff. Congrats on getting it done. Seems like ALOT of hard work, but everything turned out great.

  2. you may hate them but the onsies are my favorite. If they are really a pain just charge more! They are so cute!

  3. Don't really hate them. They were just time consuming. We sold them to the boutique for less than we should have. I was probably bitter about that too!


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