Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Shower Pom Pom's Minus the Cheerleader

This past weekend I threw a baby shower for my good friend Kate and thought I'd share some of the details with you. I needed lots of help with ideas for this shower because I have been out of the loop with throwing parties (moving to 3 states in 4 years will do that to you) and because this was my first time ever hosting a baby shower!

I decided to go with a yellow and turquoise theme and I'm so glad I did. There are so many fun things to do with colors and it looked to summery and festive in here. It's so festive that I'm having a hard time taking everything down!

I tried to do as much with yellow and turquoise as I could (is it just me or is turquoise really hard to spell?) and thought it would be fun to make tissue paper pom poms. I used the instructions HERE and it made such a difference in the room. Martha's instructions are pretty easy to follow but I do have a few words of advice. Maybe some caution so you can learn from my mistakes, which were plentiful.

Try to make them the day you are going to hang them up. I made this little guy on the right a few days before I was going to decorate because I wanted to see how hard it was going to be. As you can see, he didn't look so good by the time I was ready to put everything up. It was okay, just not as nice as the others.

Another thing is to make sure you remember to trim the ends before you separate the layers. I forgot to do this twice and then found myself trying to reassemble the folded paper to cut the ends. Not the easiest.

Also, be REALLY careful when you are separating the tissue layers. You want to pull them all the way up to get a full effect but if you pull too hard, even slightly, they will rip. (Take my word for it)

All in all, these were really easy to make and really added a lot to the room. I have a feeling every party I throw now is going to involve some sort of pom pom. My poor kids.

Back to the color theme, I added some pom poms to the table, the lemonade stand with lemons on the bottom (so cute huh? No idea where it came from...I borrowed it from a friend), the sunflowers and the candy in yellow and turquoise.

Instead of cake, I made Salted Caramel Cupcakes and made little cupcake toppers with the color theme.

Everything came together so nicely and it was really a fun shower. I was so happy to be able to do it for my friend and happy she had a good time! My next post is going to include recipes for the cupcakes, the mocha punch and the cream cheese stuffed strawberries...so check back in a few days for details on those yummy treats!!


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