Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi Everyone! It's Gina again. Remember me? Gina?? The other half of Sweet Floweret?


Okay then. Well, it's me. Didn't want you to be confused and think that I was Tina. Even though she is Gina with a T and I am Tina with a G, we are definitely not the same person. For one thing, she is at least 6 feet tall and I am short enough to apply for a handicapped sticker for my car. (It's true! I learned that at a doctors appointment last year!) For another thing, her children would never do anything so mischievous as what I am about to describe. They are too sweet for that.

My story starts with the fact that Nick has been out of town for the last 6 days. You know what that means. I've been wearing my ugliest and comfiest sweatpants outfits for 6 days straight. I've only worn makeup once and may have skipped a shower or two. It also means I've had the kids by myself, non-stop for 6 whole days and nights. Which means...I've had to plan a lot of activities to keep us all busy and tire us out so we were ready to go to bed early every night. And by us, I mean Anthony.

Today I got all crazy and decided to take the kids to "The Park with the Sand." That is its official name. It's the one that I go out of my way to avoid because I don't want to deal with the sand and the sand toys and the sand in my car. I love it that he loves to sit there and dig and play for an hour or so. But have you ever noticed how sand just sticks to their little hands and legs and feet? No matter how much you brush and rub, you cannot get it off! But last year, I learned, thanks to my friend Kate, that you can use baby powder and rub it all over their sandy parts and it just falls right off! It's a sandbox miracle! So we went to "The Park with the Sand" and Anthony played and Lucy sat in her stroller and ate and at the end, I rubbed him down with baby powder and just like that...clean as a whistle. (a whistle covered in baby powder)

Later in the afternoon, I was in the kitchen thinking to myself "Wow, Anthony sure is being quiet." Which every mom knows means "He is definitely into something!"

I called his name and he came running. And as he rounded the corner it was like a cloud of baby powder was following him through the house. You know that messy kid on Charlie Brown who has a dirt cloud around him all the time? That was Anthony, only it was a baby powder cloud.

My heart sank and I ran out to where I knew I had left the bottle. Sure enough. Baby powder was covering the stairs. And the phone that was on the stairs. And the banister.

Just like that, I went from singing the praises of the power of baby powder to wishing it had never been invented. These pictures don't do justice to the mess that he made on the stairs. He said he had sand on his feet and he was just trying to get it off. That is amazing because we'd been home for about four hours when this happened but it's okay. It was surprisingly easy to clean up and I'm pretty sure I'm friends again with baby powder.

So the next time you go to the beach or "The Park with the Sand" make sure you bring along the powder. Just don't forget to put away as soon as you get home!

One more thing. This is the face of Baby Powder Boy. Can't you just see the mischief in his eyes?

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  1. Funny post and love the tidbit about using baby powder to get sand off bodies!


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