Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Flowers are in a Shop!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Sweet Floweret is officially “out there”. We are pretty excited about it. Not only does it put our product on a shelf for all to see (and buy!), the whole experience gave us some confidence in ourselves and our product. Not like we need it or anything. Chuckle.

The shop is called StayFit and it’s in Mt. Prospect. It’s a health, wellness and physical therapy place and has an area up front and in back with cutesy boutique-y stuff.

How does one sell fabulous fabric flowers in a shop? Well, we didn't know much, but we knew that we had to have something to show the flowers to the owners with as well as something to display them on in the shop.

What is my favorite place for cheap deals other than a garage sale? Answer: the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. Much of the décor in my home comes from those 80% off shelves. Now that I live a few blocks away from one, it’s pretty hard to stay away. I digress.

Gina sent me a blog link with a frame that had ribbon stapled inside as a bow holder. Simple enough! Mission: Find a frame large enough, in good shape and preferably not one that needed any spray painting. Time was short.

After just a few minutes, I spotted the frame below. $3.20 marked down from $28.00. Perfecto.

I also found these cute memo boards to show our flowers to the owners . Not as great a deal, but really good sturdy boards. I always feel the need to justify if I can’t find something under$5. It’s a disease really. They were 50% off, what more do you want? I’m hyperventilating.

Brought the frame home, forgot to get ribbon. Nuts. Found some really wide ric rac I had bought for another project. Better than nothing! Stapled the pieces on and voila, a bow holder extraordinaire!

So we brought our boards and our frame, showed off the fabulous flowers, yadda, yadda, yadda*, here they are on the shelf! Pretty cute. Request from the owner: get them on pony tail holders. Fitness place, pony tail holders-makes sense to me. We’re on it. Headbands too.

Here are some pictures of them in the shop.

Next stop, QVC! Just kidding. For some reason, I really want to be on QVC. Really so Gina and I can talk in our obnoxious sales lady voices and do a fake cheesy laugh. Oh, and be on TV. Maybe we can make flowers out of a ShamWow. That’d be cool.

*During this period of time there was a meeting, agreement, Gina and Tina preparing the display in the back room of the center and acting pretty immature. Gina, not Tina. Tina maintained utmost professionalism throughout the entire process.


  1. "Tina maintained utmost professionalism throughout the entire process." False. You must have meant that the other way around. It's a shame our names only differ in one letter...mistakes like that are so easy.

    I loved the ShamWow idea. I'm on it.


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