Friday, June 18, 2010

Favorite thing this week...

Spray paint! I've been finding objects on the side of the road, at garage sales, and even in my own home that just a simple coat (or two, or three) of spray paint can really change into something lovely. I have some pics below of items in my home that were sprayed from geek to chic.Found two of these chairs on the side of the road... They were a nasty tan color. This one serves by my front door for those who need assistance putting on shoes. It also comes in handy for those lengthy good-bye conversations at the doorway-you know the kind.This steamer trunk wasn't spray painted, but deserved a spot nonetheless! I found it on the side of the road and it was covered with some sort of weird veneer. Joe meticulously scraped it, outside and in, then stained it. I think it's gorge, and serves to store my ever growing collection of totes and bags!This used to be an old picture of two angels kissing that was stored for years in the basement. The frame was gold. We removed the glass and pic, spray painted, added hooks and now it's a lovely necklace hanger for my room! Wish I had taken pics along the way to serve as a tutorial... It is pretty straightforward, however.

Below are a series of pics on how we painted a mirror I found at a garage sale. It's a tutorial of sorts if this is something you'd like to try. Painting a mirror is pretty easy, and a good place to start.
The mirror. Big and beautiful but just a bit too gold. Really pretty detailing...First, Joe used our air compressor to blow out any dirt/debris from the frame. Next, tape, tape, tape some more. First, tape the edges with painting tape as close as you possibly can to the frame. Then, cut a piece of plastic (large garbage bag works) and tape it down.Now for the paint. While spraying you have to stroke the can along the frame, not hold it in one place for too long-otherwise, you'll get drips. You'll need two or three coats.

What the kids do while we work...

Let it dry overnight.

Then hang it up! Fills up my dining room wall nicely. If it's super heavy like ours were, you'll need special nails for the wall. You can ask the Home Depot guy when you get there where to find them.

Do you have any fun items that you've painted to perfection? Send them to us and we'll post them!

What's next on the project list? Turning this window frame I found at the side of the road into a frame for the office, and paining/reupholstering a chair that my grandma dropped off. Will post when complete!


  1. Love it! I can't wait to see what you do with that chair! Yikes! =)

  2. I can't believe that trunk was out at the curb. You need one of those pick-up like the guys have that drive around on trash day!

  3. I have a big door above my couch as a frame. It's cute. I should send you a pic.


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